My name is Tom, and I take photos.

My intention is to pass on the impression of being there and seeing it, the way I saw it. These are some huge words, simply meaning that I try to take photos that look as good as the scene that made them happen...

This site features photos taken on various places. Starting with Israel - my home country, as well as from other places around the globe including the United States, Peru, Wales, Ireland, Australia and more. Landscape mostly - but not only.



For a quick impression, you can start with my Portfolio section, or visit my favorites:

- Landscape of Israel - an ongoing project, documenting the beautiful landscape of my homeland.
- Death Valley Dunes - a series of B&W images that got an IPA Honorable Mention, that also made an appearance
on Issue 42 of Landscape Photography Magazine.
- Antelope Canyon - another one of my favorites, that also got an IPA Honorable Mention.

If you liked what you saw, I'd really appreciate your feedback! :)
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The images on this site are available for prints, in several options (canvas, framed etc). So if you like an image - you can get it on your wall at your home or office. Feel free to contact me and I'll guide you through according to your preference. 
You can also go to my Israeli Website - where you can choose the image and printing options to your liking (the site is managed by Misgeret, and the entire process is really simple!).

I hope you'll enjoy browsing through my work. Thanks for visiting!

All the Best