My name is Tom, and I take photos. Landscape Photos. Israeli Landscape Photos.

Israel is a beautiful country. It has beautiful landscapes, that range from desert, to forests, a Mediterranean shoreline, and even snowy peaks in the winters. Having that kind of diversity - within the reach of a few hours drive - is unique, and can only be taken as an open invitation to enjoy nature in any way possible.

Unfortunately, Israel is a small country. In nature terms - it means that everything is small. Man-made objects slowly become almost impossible to avoid when taking a stroll in nature. Light pollution is everywhere, and only the most remote and desolate places remain as a sanctuary for the true nature seeker.

I consider my photography to be about isolation and exclusion. Isolating Israel's beautiful pieces of nature, while excluding man-made objects from the scene - as much as possible, and without using digital manipulation to remove objects from my frame.

My intention is to pass on the impression of being there and seeing it, the way I saw it. These are some huge words, simply meaning that I try to take photos that look as good as the scene that made them happen, and making you want to visit!

Even though this site is dedicated to the Israeli landscape, I've decided to include landscape from the United States as well - for its contribution for my inspiration when creating images in my homeland. 


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Tom Shapira