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Scenic photo of fog gliding down the Ramon Crater, IsraelRamon Crater, Summer's Fog (3)Landscape image of Zin riverbed in Israel, filled with fog.Scenic photo of clouds standing on the cliff-edge of the Ramon Crater, Israel.Ramon Crater, Summer's Fog (4)Scenic image of foggy sunrise over the Ramon Crater - as viewed from the cliff-edge.Landscape image of gentle autumn "fog waterfall" in the Ramon Crater, in Israel.Misty Desert ValleyRamon Crater, Summer's Fog (2)King of the Ramon CraterFog sweeping into Yeruham Crater in the Negev Desert, Israel (Landscape Image).In a DreamScenic picture of an Ibex mom and her child-ibex strolling on the cliff-edge, as fog flows into the crater in the background - in the Ramon Crater, Israel.A landscape image showing a foggy morning after a recent rain in the Negev Desert, Israel.Landscape image showing fog rolls into the Ramon Crater at dawn.Ramon Crater, Summer's Fog (1)A scenic image of the Ramon Crater in Israel with fog-waterfalls, in a winter sunrise.Landscape image showing fog-waterfalls on the edge of the Ramon Crater, Israel.The Power of a PlantRamon Crater - Spilling Clouds