Landscape Photography by Tom Shapira | Landscape of Israel
Photographing landscape in Israel is a hard work. Landscape photography is all about the open - and few places in Israel has wide open lands without human interference, such as power lines or settlements. Nevertheless, Israel's landscape is unique in it's versatility. Within a few hours drive you can get from the Mountains of Galilee - a green land full of trees and streams, through a beautiful Mediterranean coastline, to the dry, desolate and quiet Negev Desert.

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Morning Mist in the Jerusalem MountainsMorning In The Ramot Menashe ForestAlmond Petals blowing in the WindMoonrise over the Arbel CliffsThe Hula Valley on a Stormy Sunrise, IsraelA Lone Tree at SunriseGliding Fog at SunriseSunrise over the Ramon Crater, IsraelThe Red CanyonMount Zin and the Bulbous FieldCracked Soil, NightSunset on Wadi ParanThe CurveThe Ripples TrailLast Patch of Desert SnowSequoia Trees in the Golan HeightsSa'ar Waterfall in the WinterSnowy Trail at SunsetMoon and Ripples at DuskThe Screw